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The origins of Malaysia Airlines date back to 1937 with an Air Service between Penang and Singapore as Malayan Airways.  With the formation of Malaysia in 1963 the airline soon became Malaysian Airline System (MAS) or in short Malaysia Airlines, and today it flies around 37,000 passengers daily to some 80 destinations worldwide. 

Malaysia Airlines from London Heathrow

Maylasia Airlines operate 2 daily flights to Kuala Lumpur on modern A350 aircraft from London Heathrow Termial 4.  Flights connect with onward services to Australasia on A330 aircraft. Malaysia Airlines operate 42 flights a week into Australia/New Zealand.

Auckland: 1 flight per day
Sydney:  2 flights per day
Melbourne:  2 flights per day
Brisbane:  5 flights per week
Adelaide: 5 flights per week
Perth:  12 flights per week
Darwin:  3 flights per week

A380 Overview

Baggage Allowance

The following is the current baggage allowance on flights through to Australasia
Economy Class   30 kgs
Business Class  40 kgs
First Class  50 kgs
You are allowed 2 bags but no one bag to exceed 32 kgs
Carry on:  Economy 1 x 7 kg;    Business & First  2 x 7 kgs 

Online check in is available 48 hours before departure.

Oneworld alliance

Malaysia Airlines is a member of the global Oneworld Alliance of leading international airlines including Cathay Pacific, Qantas, British Airways and Qatar Airlines. The group have 15 member airlines and serve 150 countries approaching 1000 destinations. A number of special airfares are available including 2 different and quite unique Round the World (RTW) fares in the Oneworld Explorer and Global Explorer.

Pre-Booked Seats

Malaysia now offer a preferred seat policy where preferred seats (emergency exits, front rows etc) can be pre-booked but are paid for.  The cost is approximately £30 for each sector (ie London to Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur to Sydney). Other seats can be pre-booked at no additional cost once the flight has been ticketed.  To help you decide your preferred seating check the aircraft type on your flight itinerary and look at the following website:  

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